In an entertainment industry saturated with dripping concupiscence and moist with the lewd images of scantly dressed women lured by the stupefying rhythm of men’s sexual desires,

In a very short period of time Las  Vegas Model Aylen Alvarez has consistently set the runways, magazine pages, plasma screen TVs and web sites ablaze working with photographers such as Wild Imaginations,EYE Candy,Rob Simms,Eric Friemans,Onyx Photographer and many others and with her strong sense of professionalism, splendid sophistication, sultry style and an indomitable drive to succeed that together have made her one of the most sought after models  and has left the world clamouring to capture her inimitable poignant beauty.

Muscle Mag Magazine (May/2008)
Vibe Blazin Magazine (June /2008)
Prime Round Magazine (Oct/2006)
Planet muscle (DEC/06)
B.B.E Magazine Cover May/07
Fit Models Magazine(6 page layouy May/07)
Tease Um Calender
Shock Magaazine Cover & 5 Page Layout(Oct/2007)
AE Celebrity Cruise Campaign Cover and will also be featured in upcoming AE Secrets 2008 Divas of Entertainment Calender (Aug/08)


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