Raezy gives it to us ‘black & blue’, with his latest track ‘Just a thought’, which touches upon many subjects that at least one of us can relate too.  Reazy is truly an amazing entertainer and this track proves that he also has the depth.


Raezy, the incredible Rapper and veteran radio/Tv On Air Personality is back with another classic joint called *just a thought* … Following the successful release of the latest installment to his yearly *wrap up series* (the 2013 wrap up) of which he also shot a video for, this amazing rapper decides to give y’all something to think about. On this track, Raezy takes your imagination to the farthest end and makes you see a lotta things differently.
*just a thought* is a 5 mic material. It features fast rising female vocalist Heeca and was produced by specialty with 2jo on the mix.



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