Things are really looking up for Kas Shobayo, aka Kas. Evidence? The UK-based Nigerian artiste recently bought his mother a house in the UK. Second, he is set to move into his own mansion in Lagos.

Yet the singer is still desperately searching for his digital camera, which got lost when he was having fun in a newly opened night club on Lagos Island last December.

Kas shocked some of his hangers-on when he offered a reward of $1,000 in return for the camera. Why? The singer allegedly told some trusted staff of the nightclub that the missing digital camera, which was only worth a few British Pounds, actually contained a few tell-tale photos that he really cannot afford to lose.

Meanwhile, tale bearers have a remix version of the story. They allege that the real contents of the camera are photographs of a n*de Kas with a certain controversial and sultry Nollywood actress that has been in the news lately. And the latter is actually playing with his flutes!

He recently doubled the reward.

“That digital camera contains my private stuff that I am not ready to share with the public. I’ll give $2,000 to anyone or group of persons who are in its possession,” Kas said with pain in his voice.

We can only hope a Good Samaritan will return his lost valuable in earnest before his ‘private stuff’ goes viral on the Internet.

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