On a sunny Saturday afternoon my girl and I were having dessert at our favourite r-estaurant chit chatting and catching up. All of a sudden Bisi dropped her spoon and says out loud “OMG I forgot to gist you” at the top of her voice. I must say I was really embarrassed because by now people were staring in our direction with the ok so you want to gossip look.  Anyway she goes on to tell me how she was cleaning her boyfriends room and found a bank teller with his ex’s name on it. Apparently she was stark raving mad about it. Bisi and Deji have been dating for over 2years now and according to my dear friend their relationship is such that they tell each other EVERYTHING (yes she emphasized!).  Her point was how come she didn’t know this? Secondly why is he giving her money?

After confronting Deji about it, he said he did not tell her because he didn’t know how she would react and his ex needed the money because she was strapped for cash. Bisi being the no nonsense hot tempered babe she is, decided to punish Deji by keeping malice for as long as she can.
At this point I figured that the dessert she brought me out for was to bribe me into giving my own opinion about the situation so she knows what to do next. All my friends know that as much as possible I try to stay out of their relationship drama. However, because of the large bowl of strawberry ice-cream and waffles in front of me I had to say something.

First and foremost, I asked Bisi what the relationship between Deji and his ex is like and she said “cordially civil” i.e seasonal greetings, birthdays, hello, hi etc. Knowing the type of friend I have I can assure you that she would make sure it’s just cordial and nothing more. Obviously I gathered that Deji and his ex aren’t exactly besties so Deji should be her last resort for cash abi? I did not want to give her my opinion immediately because frankly speaking I was a bit confused as well. I told her I’ll think about it.

While driving home I thought to myself….. ex may have tried other means to no avail or she might want to visit an old “ATM” and is he lending or giving away? So ladies and gents please help me out. Would you be mad if you were in Bisi’s shoes?

Is it any business of yours what your partner does with his or her funds? I need answers fast because this chick is on my case and I might have to pay her back for dessert at this rate.


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