Are you interested in having a music video but do not quite have the right funding behind you? Well Supastarztv have a brilliant solution for you!

We are offering extraordinary low prices for on all freestyle/dance videos and Promo Performance videos.

If you are interested in either option please use the contact form below and get in contact with us:

We offer HD quality freestyle/dance videos at an affordable rate.

This is great option: if you have made a short song / dance routine to an already made song and you are looking to gain a buzz around the track.

Not only will we FILM and EDIT your visual but we will also help promote it for no extra cost on our social media platforms.



Once you have already built up visual exposure for yourself through freestyle videos and interview footage, the next step would be to think about releasing a viral campaign video.

Whether your an artist or Model, shooting a viral video will allow people too see that you are progressing in your craft in addition to taking it seriously.

A viral video campaign can be used as an auditioning video (if your a model) or a promotional single release (if you are an artist).

If you are just starting out in the music industry, it is almost very important that you have some visuals out there on the Internet. How else will people know who you are?