After winning hearts by tapping into classic 90’s R&B influences for his last single ‘Comfortable’ to critical acclaim, British Nigerian singer-songwriter Fola returns with his brand new single ‘Melt’, this time paying homage to his vintage African and Reggae music influences.

For his new single, produced by Da Lunchbox and co-produced by Fola himself, the London artist links up with female Hip Hop artist Aina More, who just released her new DJ Juls-produced single ‘Girls Killing It’ and is coming on the back of the success of her For People With Short Attention Spans EP.

The ode to Afrobeats and Reggae music is clear from the onset, as the infectious drum patterns and bass-heavy guitar arrangements take over the proceedings, over which Aina More delivers a teasing rap verses, with her confident flow and clever cadence, and Fola uses his penetrating vocal tones to seduce his leading lady, with promises to “make it melt”.

Together, Fola and Aina More have made an undeniable slice of fusion magic with ‘Melt’, and it comes just in time for summer. With its euphonious and head-bopping bassline, there will surely be no escaping this record over the next few months, as it takes over the nation’s radio, club and BBQ playlists in specatular fashion. Stream and enjoy ‘Melt’ below.

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