MoStack is back with yet another vibrant EP, ‘Gangster With Banter ‘


  1. Stop Lying PT.2 (Prod. WildboyAce)
  2. I Just Wanna Tango
  3. F-ck Your Man
  4. It’s Over
  5. Murder Ft. Moelogo
  6. Shot By The Police Man
  7. Lets Get Away Ft. Estelle LaVaud
  8. PornHub And Cream
  9. I Don’t Need No One Ft. Sneakbo & Yungen
  10. Why Would You Lie Me Ft. J Hus
  11. Getting Shot Was A Blessing
  12. I Remember Ft. Scammy
  13. Tonight’s Your Night x
  14. Feeling Like Stormzy
  15. My Cocaina Ft. Ekeno & Estella LaVaud
  16. Blud! Stop The Violence
  17. Fuck This Generation (Outro)
  18. (Bonus) Soho
  19. (Bonus) Jiggz – Should Know
  20. (Bonus) Scammy – Brown Sugar (Prod. Widboyace)
  21. (Bonus) I Do (Prod. GottiOnEm)

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