Event Management
Serenity London Events is part of the Serenity London Entertainment and Lifestyle Group.
The team offers our clients 10 years experience in planning and managing events in industries such as Music Marketing, Weddings and cultural Engagements, Fashion and Beauty PR, the British Educational System, Nightlife/Club Nights and International Business Events.
With this experience gained within the UK, Europe and USA, the team is able to cater to individuals from all cultures and businesses from all sectors.

Event staffing
Serenity London event staffing is a new age agency born in the 21st century, representing models with more than just a face. In their own way each of our models posses a passion for different sectors of the creative industries.

Serenity London event staffing aims to develop their Models by providing them with platforms, projects and opportunities to build their portfolios and continuously grow their talent. Welfare and reputation are two things that are a high priority of all models and staff members at Serenity London Model Management. Finally we believe in developing positive, productive and long lasting relationships with models, clients and creative’s.

Web :www.serenitylondon.co.uk
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Email: events@serenitylondon.co.uk

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