April Hamilton is one of the UK’s youngest and newest video models in the industry, but there is something about this particular young lady which seems to capture our attention.

We decided to find out what it was that made April become the lady she is today.


Where are you from (origin)?
I am Jamaican (west indies)


How long have you been modeling for?
I haven’t been at it for too long. I mean I’m still in the process of establishing myself but i’d say about a year .

What inspired you to be a model? and what was your first step into the industry?
Well I’m a dancer as well as model and I always wanted to be one of those girls dancing around in the videos (as you do) i am a visual learner so i like viewing things visually and i just like the idea of being a piece of art .

It was something that I really enjoyed and that’s what inspired me , I mean I’m not really sure what my first steps were exactly but I did a lot of extra work to kind of help me network and it all kind of just happened from there , don’t get me wrong you’ll have a lot of people posing as if they can help you and what not but I just keep in mind that not everyone’s trying to help .

What would you consider your greatest achievement so far?
I mean I’m still Farley young and I know that I have most defiantly not reached my greatest achievement but I’m on my way :).

 What would you consider your best feature on you?
Aha my booty that speaks for it’s self lol.

Whats the most memorable shoot?
I would probably have to say my most recent one which was for an artist called Jeff Jones.
I’ve never done a shoot set as a pool party so it was a lot of fun.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Sassy , un-predictable ,bootylicious 😉


Is there anything you are afraid of ?
There’s actually not much im scared of to be honest .


What can we expect from you this year?
Hmmmmm well hopefully this year i’ll be more recognisable , possibly catch me in a few more music vids but I mean everyone will have to stay posted and see what I come out with but I’m not one to disappoint or sell dreams.


How can followers find you?
Followers can catch me on twitter which is @the_ablack and also you can follow me on Instagram which is Missablack_


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